Art Gallery Tours

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Welcome to all. 👋
Whether you are an artist, art lover, or total newbie to art.

👟Bring your walking shoes and curiosity.

We will visit three galleries together in Valencia. 
At each space, we stay half an hour.
And then we walk to the next art space for the next appointment. 🔥

At every gallery (or art space), you get to meet the owner and/or artist in person. They will talk a bit about their gallery. And the art that they are currently showing.

🕒 Duration: 3 hours.

🍻After the last gallery, we head over to a coffee shop.

☀️☀️☀️➜ Our next walk will be after the summer!

Walk #1

Saturday, 2 July 2022
Walking distance: 3,4 Km

Walk #2

Our next walk will be after the summer!